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What is VIGOR Secure?

VIGOR Secure is a reliable and international form of certification enabling Individuals to create secure, formal certification of a wide range of events. We were aided by our informal collaborators at the University of East Anglia to develop an appropriate App combining secure certification and the ability for participants to thereby donate research data.

The IPR in the project is currently held by the originators, Nick Lightbody & Matt Haughton, and will be licensed to Virological Intelligence Global Organisation for Research Limited and other entities as required.

Supporting iOS & Android this International App fully expresses the simplicity and transparency values of our project. It is fast, easy to use, multilingual and has three different functions.

  1. The App enables participants to use their mobile phone or tablet to record a COVID-19 or others medical event, such as a Test, an immunisation or other relevant event. That event is stored securely in the cloud for its medically accepted useful lifespan and the participant’s Secure Certificate is always available to certify their COVID-I9 status using a mobile phone or tablet, a laptop or desktop computer or a printed paper certificate.
  2. It enables medically approved professionals to securely certify the validity of the COVID-19 event. The event record cannot be created without the appropriate certification of the medically approved professional. Every Secure certificate is a micro responsive webpage with inline css and a Base64 QR Code.
  3. It enables participants to self-certify their own status, to join our global research programme and to securely donate their personal data supporting the fight against COVID-19.

The App currently supports English, Chinese, Spanish, Polish & Italian. Other languages will be added as required.